At Aquaprole, we work with international and local importers and exporters to provide our clients with premium quality pork and related food products. All our pork products undergo strict quality control to ensure freshness and a longer lifespan. You can order in bulk for your local or global brand and private label.


We source beef from various local and international producers. Our premium quality fresh and frozen beef and products are quality checked at every step. We deliver them fresh or frozen according to international standards. In addition, we provide a facility of bulk orders for your brand or private label.


Aquaprole provides its local and international clients with the finest quality fresh and frozen poultry and products. Our nationwide and global network of poultry producers and suppliers ensures quality and freshness. You can place bulk orders for your private label, local, or global brand.


Our seafood division focuses on country-to-country supply and management of seafood, including fish, mainly focusing on Chinese, Canadian, Russian, and South American markets. We have a wide range of assorted seafood ranging from tilapia to salmon, Pollock to trout, and more. You can order in bulk or portions for your private label or brand.


Our dairy department facilitates sourcing, supply, and management of the highest-quality dried dairy products, including a wide range of cheese, milk, and whey powders. We focus on countries with natural pastures like New Zealand, Latin America, and Australia. This allows us to provide only superior dairy products to local and global customers.


Aquaprole is a specialist in trading other commodities like flour, wheat, grains, sugar, and more. With decades of experience in the industry, we can ship break bulk vessels and millions of metric tons of dry products every year to multiple countries. You can also order products packaged with the AQUAPROLE trademark.