Our History

Aquaprole’s Slogan
Aquaprole’s slogan is to ‘Supply Fresh Products’ to the customers through local and international trading.

Inception of Aquaprole
Founded in Singapore as a dry commodities trading company, Aquaprole has come a long way. We started by trading commodities like sugar, grains, wheat, flour, and rice as Aquaprole S.A. PTE Ltd. We have decades of experience in shipping breakbulk vessels, and we moved nearly half-million metric tons of dry commodities each year to multiple countries. Later, we started packaging commodities in smaller retail packaging with the AQUAPROLE trademark to ship to other countries.

Company’s Acquisition
In 2020, KHOUBIAN Investment Group LLC purchased Aquaprole with their existing operations and contracts. This investment group is known for information technology, frozen meat commodity business, and real estate investments globally. It has acquired several companies during its lifespan.
After the acquisition of Aquaprole in 2020, the new Global Commodity trading company continued to work under the Aquaprole trademark and new management. The company now has its headquarter in Canada and sales office located in Singapore.

Experience of Decades
Aquaprole is still rooted in Singapore. However, professionals with over 20 years of experience in the food trading and processing industry now own and operate the company. It is a result of the merger between KHOUBIAN Investment Group, LLC and Aquaprole S.A. PTE Ltd. Now the company operates with the name of Aquaprole Inc.

Aquaprole Inc. manages dry commodities operations in Singapore, while KHOUBIAN Investment Group, LLC manages frozen commodities operations in Canada under the name of Aquaprole Inc.