About us

Who We Are
With more than 20 years of experience, Aquaprole is the fastest growing global food manufacturing and trade organization. We specialize in an extensive range of foods and edible products. We are committed to providing quality food products to our customers through our reliable network of suppliers and distributors across world. In addition, we work closely with food producers, dealers, and investors to help them gain a competitive edge in the global food market.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help food manufacturers, dealers, and investors successfully develop and expand their business to local and international markets. We provide them with our knowledge, expertise, technology, and logistics at budget-friendly rates.

Our Vision
At Aquaprole, our vision is to develop a thriving and future-driven company that significantly improves the health and lives of people and communities worldwide by ensuring the production and delivery of premium food products.

Connecting Global Food Markets with Global Distributors and Suppliers
Over the years, we have become the most reliable and leading global food traders by serving international food manufacturers and customers with cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions, value-added opportunities, and distinctive logistics.